Meet Ian King and the Los Angeles Art Corner

Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a non-practicing attorney with a knack for resolving disputes and a passion for art and community. While he's known for his talent in mediating personal and legal conflicts, Ian's heart beats for the arts. Living in the culturally rich city of Los Angeles, Ian has found a way to blend his love for art with his commitment to community building through a vibrant initiative called the Los Angeles Art Corner.

The Genesis of the Los Angeles Art Corner

The Los Angeles Art Corner (LAAC) is a public collective founded by Ian King along with his friends and peers. The idea behind LAAC is simple yet powerful: to create a space where people can enjoy the best art the city has to offer, free of charge. Ian believes that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. With this in mind, he established LAAC as a way to democratize art appreciation and foster a sense of community among Angelenos.

What is the Los Angeles Art Corner?

LAAC is a collective that brings together artists, art enthusiasts, and community members to celebrate the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’s art scene. From stunning murals to thought-provoking installations, the Art Corner showcases a diverse range of artworks. The collective holds regular events, workshops, and exhibitions that are open to the public, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for all.

Notable Art Pieces Featured

LAAC is proud to have featured a variety of significant art pieces that capture the essence of Los Angeles:

“Urban Symphony” by Shepard Fairey: This mural, created by the renowned street artist, combines music and cityscape motifs to reflect the rhythmic pulse of LA.

“Wings of the City” by Jorge Marín: An inspiring bronze sculpture series that has graced various public spaces, symbolizing the freedom and diversity of urban life.

“Metamorphosis” by Lita Albuquerque: An immersive installation that uses light and color to transform a space, offering viewers a meditative and transcendent experience.

“Colorful Waters” by David Hockney: A series of digital paintings depicting LA's iconic swimming pools, showcasing Hockney’s unique perspective on the city's lifestyle.

Regular Events at the Art Corner

The Los Angeles Art Corner isn’t just about static displays; it’s a dynamic hub of artistic activity. Some of the regular events include:

First Fridays Art Walk: On the first Friday of every month, LAAC hosts an Art Walk where the community can stroll through various exhibitions, meet the artists, and participate in interactive art activities.

Weekend Workshops: Every weekend, LAAC offers workshops ranging from painting and sculpture to digital art and photography. These sessions are led by local artists and are designed to cater to all skill levels.

Artist Talks and Panels: Regularly scheduled talks and panel discussions feature prominent artists and art historians who share their insights and experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts within the community.

Pop-Up Exhibitions: These spontaneous exhibitions can appear anywhere in the city, turning unexpected spaces into temporary art galleries. They keep the public engaged and excited about art in their everyday surroundings.

Ian King on the Art Corner

Ian Mitchell King’s passion for the Los Angeles Art Corner is evident in everything he does. Reflecting on the collective’s impact, Ian shared, "The Art Corner is more than just a gallery; it’s a movement. We’re bringing people together, creating conversations, and making art accessible to everyone. It’s incredible to see the joy and inspiration that art brings to our community. Every piece, every event, is a testament to the creativity and spirit of Los Angeles."

The Vision for the Future

Ian envisions the Los Angeles Art Corner as a permanent fixture in the city, continually growing and evolving. He hopes to see more artists joining the collective, more public spaces transformed by art, and more people finding joy and connection through creative expression. His dream is to expand the concept beyond LA, inspiring other cities to create their own Art Corners and celebrate the universal language of art.

Through the Los Angeles Art Corner, Ian King is not just promoting art; he’s fostering a vibrant community where creativity and connection thrive. By making art accessible and engaging, Ian and his collective are enriching the cultural fabric of Los Angeles, one masterpiece at a time.